Frequently Asked Questions

      Below is a list of questions we get asked a lot, so give it a browse and see if your own questions are answered here. If they are not, you can ask anything either by live chat at the bottom right of this screen, or use the Contact Us page and send us a request for anything you need.

      How much does your hosting cost?

      For a surprisingly small amount (barely the cost of a large Starbucks coffee) we will keep your personal or company website and email facilities running for an entire month. Our prices are dependent upon the plan you choose, and you can see these on our plans page.

      Why are your prices not the cheapest around?

      Believe it or not, we get asked this question with such frequency that we’ve decided to put an answer here.

      Simply put, it’s not our aim to be the cheapest hosting company in the world. It would be impossible anyway, because there’s always some bright spark who feels he can give great service to people for $1.99c per year. It’s ridiculous, but people keep trying it for some reason. We end up buying their clients when they go out of business.

      We charge a fair and reasonable rate, and give exemplary service. We charge enough so that we can employ the most skilled people to take care of your facilities and keep them running smoothly. Anything less than this and we would not be delivering good value.

      Do you host WordPress sites?

      Yes absolutely. In fact, we are one of New Zealand’s most popular WordPress platforms and our staff are very knowledgable with WordPress. We’re happy to help you out wherever possible and to advise you at any time on options that you may have to achieve what you need in WordPress.

      Will I have a Control Panel?

      Yes indeed. We use the most popular control panel in the world (Cpanel) on all of our hosting accounts.

      Does my account come with any free scripts?

      Yes. With all accounts other than our Email Only account, we include the full range of the Softaculous installer, which allows you to install more than 350 separate scripts of all types. There’s something there for everyone, check out their entire list by clicking here. If you still can’t find what you need, let us know and we’ll advise you and help you all we can.

      What sort of support services do you offer?

      We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week support services:

      1. by email to
      2. by live chat at the bottom right of our website
      3. by Skype for customers on our premium plans.

      Our response times are very quick, and we’re 100% sure you’ll be happy.