About Us

      About Us

      We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

      HostHaste is a small to mid-sized Australasian hosting operation, originally formed as way back in 1995, near the start of the internet as we know it today.

      We began by hosting free email accounts. Just like, except for two differences:

      1. We started a few months before them; and
      2. We forgot to sell to Microsoft for 400 million dollars (doh!) 🙁

      Thank goodness for the gift of humour.

      In our time, we’ve had the privilege of hosting websites and email for an amazing range of individuals, couples and companies. It’s always our desire to get to know each of our customers, and to help them achieve what they need with their websites and other facilities.

      Nowadays we run a small but dedicated team of experts. If you have a problem, ask us for some advice. We’ve had the experience, and we’re always happy to help.