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      • Email Only Plan

        $5 per Month*

        • 1GB Storage Space
        • Unlimited Bandwidth
        • 10 Email Accounts
        • Control Panel
        • Awesome Support
        $5per Month*
      • Personal Plan

        $10 per Month*

        • 1GB Storage Space
        • Unlimited Bandwidth
        • 5 Sub-Domains
        • 30 Email Accounts
        • Control Panel & FTP
        • 350+ free applications
        • Awesome Support
        $10per Month*
      • Business Plan

        $20 per Month*

        • 5GB Storage Space
        • Unlimited Bandwidth
        • 12 Sub-Domains
        • 150 Email Accounts
        • Control Panel & FTP
        • 350+ free applications
        • WordPress Updates
        • Awesome Support
        $20per Month*
      • Enterprise Plan

        $50 per Month*

        • 20GB Storage Space
        • Unlimited Bandwidth
        • Unlimited Sub-Domains
        • Unlimited Email Accounts
        • Control Panel & FTP
        • 350+ free applications
        • WordPress Updates
        • Awesome Support
        $50per Month*

      More than 350 applications can be installed directly from our control panels.

      All our hosting accounts feature state of the art control panels, with hundreds of free applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and a huge range of other apps such as blogs, forums, site builders, calendars, polls, project management, eCommerce carts, ERP systems, customer support scripts, music, video, file management, and the list goes on.

      Words of praise from our wonderful customers

      • I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do (most of it is a mystery to me). Just knowing that you are there, instantly, at the end of an email to help me is just so comforting and no matter how enormous I think the problem is, you just kind of work it through, et Voila!!! – problem solved!

        You are patient and generous with your knowledge and have never made me feel inept at my ignorance in computer speak! So thank you, thank you, thank you Warwick and as I have said before, for all I know you really are The Matrix!

        Diane Wright

        Business Owner – Entrepreneur
      • In the fast-paced & technology-driven world we live in today, customer service often falls by the wayside. This concept could not be further from the truth in my dealings with Warwick and the team. They are quick to assist with any questions or concerns and with a response time that is rivaled by none other. Over time, I’ve become quite reliant on their knowledgeable ways and willingness to help.

        There are many companies and organizations that offer similar products and services, but none that have Warwick. He’s an excellent example of exactly what every company should aim for. Warwick is not only an awesome business associate, but I consider him a friend, as well. I’ll be staying right where I am.

        Adam Creswell

        Web Developer – Entrepreneur
      • I’ve used HostHaste for quite some time now and they give me no reason to mention negatives. I’m a web developer and I have a series of clients, some that have their own hosting and some that require me to provide it for them, so I work with a lot of different hosting companies as a result. With this said, I haven’t had a single problem during my time with HostHaste, and if there ever has been anything of concern to me, they have always been prompt to help out.

        If I had a choice of moving to another host, I would have no reason to. Good hosts are hard to find and I certainly get a good service from HostHaste and have done for many years. I would highly recommend them indefinitely.

        Stephen Haw

        Professional Web Developer
      • Warwick and the team were a most helpful technical partner to work with during the growth of 42 Below, being particularly supportive in accommodating our aggressively rising & sporadic bandwidth usage and the many additional websites and FTP facilities we were required to implement on the fly.

        Ian Haylor

        (Ex) IT Administration – 42 Below
      • Warwick, I can truthfully say I appreciate all of the help and support you have given me over the last few years, often above and beyond the call. You and your team show a customer service ethic I have yet to experience from any other IT firm I have dealt with. Suffice it to say, if I hear of anyone looking for a web hosting service I will strongly recommend you to them.

        Evan Batchelor

        Middle Aged White Guy since 1970
      • HostHaste has been my web hosting company for years, and I have nothing but the highest regards. They have done an impeccable job addressing any issue my web consultants have encountered with the utmost care, hospitality, and a preeminent level of web expertise. Most importantly, they provide hands-on, genuine customer care, which in the vastness of the Internet, is quite a remarkable resource. HostHaste is my web knight in shining armor— tried, true, and trusted.”

        Sarah McCoy

        New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of The Mapmaker’s Children and The Baker’s Daughter.
      • I chose HostHaste’s web hosting service back in 2008 because they are a Kiwi based company with reasonable prices. Not the cheapest, but a lot less than I pay with other hosting companies. When I started using HostHaste I found the control panel had lots of really useful features, that I never thought I’d use. That’s been a real bonus.

        Since signing up I’ve seen excellent reliability. I monitor my websites and not seen any unplanned downtime. When the site has been taken down (once or twice in my recollection) it’s always been for planned maintenance and at a time that will minimise inconvenience.

        What I like about Hosthaste is the service. When I ‘ve been working on my site and I have technical questions, emails are answered often within minutes! They are answered by a person, not in a standard template form and they fully answer my questions. In fact I’ve been surprised that emails have been replied to (and solutions given) in the middle of the night sometimes. Really pleased with Hosthaste. Keep up the good work.

        Miles Green

        Business Owner

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